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Re: [MiNT] Coldfire code

Am 24.08.2015, 17:40 Uhr, schrieb Thorsten Otto:

Unfortunately, as Andreas stated, no.
Then it might make sense (at least for not so time-critical routines) to just use the coldfire instructions also for m68k. Unless insructions are used that only exist on coldfire, the code should work on both processors. That would safe a lot of those ifdefs.

I wouldn't want sub-optimal code that also needs more space just because people have trouble with preprocessor-directives. MiNT should still run on a 4MB ST (what it it does - somehow).

To satisfy the #ifdef-dislikers I'd rather suggest to define macros for all the problematic instructions like:

#ifdef __mcoldfire_
#define DBRA(d,t) \
  subq.l  #1,d \
  bpl.s t
#define DBRA(d,t) dbra.w  d,t

and then write


in the actual code for example.