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Re: [MiNT] GCC return register

Are you sure about this? The gcc package is 4.6.4 as far as i remember, same version as the cross.-compiler from Vincent.
Ah, you're right -- although the info page still says 2.95 (http://sparemint.org/sparemint/html/packages/gcc.html)

That would prevent anyone from using a gcc version newer than 2.95, not the best idea given that there are a lot of packages that require C99 support nowadays. Also, C++ support has considerably changed since then.
On the contrary -- none of the RPM packages has been recompiled with gcc 4.6.4 so as far as Sparemint is concerned, reverting this change would have implications only on mintlib and libm (pml, fdlibm). So I don't see a problem with having gcc4 with the original gcc2 behavior in Sparemint repository.

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