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Re: [MiNT] XaAES: bug(s) in shel_write()

> Empty arguments don't work. I didn't expect that it's so much to add, and 

One reason might also be that i simplified the make_argv() routine for testing purposes. Originally, it also handles empty arguments by inserting a NULL: entry at the beginning of ARGV.

> it's a toswin-thing anyway.

The argument passing from tw-call to toswin2 should be reworked anyway. Currently, they are put into a shared memory area separated by newlines.That will fail if the arguments already contained newlines.

> Please tell me if it works for you.

When i use -E (pass via SW_ENVIRON) it does not seem to work, but that might be toswin's fault.

What also looks strange in your test program is

> pid = shel_write(...)
> waitpid(pid, ...)

shel_write should return the AES-id of the callee, not a MiNT pid.  Also, since the spawned process is a child of AES, the caller can't do a waitpid() on it, even if he translates the id using appl_find().