Yes yes, this whole page was made on Atari Falcon computer! Tools I used:

QED 5.0.2
for writing html code and all texts
Joe 1.48 bugfix2
for easier manipulation with html
CAB 2.8cz
for testing my pages offline (they look totally different on IE :-)
Pixart 4.2
for drawing pictures you see :-)
Imagecopy Copy 4.01b6
for converting pictures into right formats :)
Videlity 1.0
for making possible 800x600x256 & 640x480xTrueColor! (with Phantom card of course)
Clocky 3.02
for showing me when I should go to bed :-))
ESC Paint 0.72
for doing the feeling I'm not bad graphician :))) (thanks to fantastic modules, but I don't used it for this page, I was too lazy to make conversion utility between .TRP and some know format :) [what sort of .TGA ESC Paint exports???])

Okie, I think it's complete :)

Nezufajte ak vam ani jeden program nic nevravi, su to cisto Ataristicke veci :-)