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include file problems

>> Only if Eric says that's legal (I don't think it is.)  Only if the
>> changes come a few at a time instead of changing every file in one
>> huge patch.  And only if we don't have to go out of our way to support
>> ideosyncracies in Mag!x.
>It should, because GEMDOS always has been documented to return -32
>for unknown opcodes. And believe me -- I'm not going to change all
>at once. Regardings the last point: if the library and Mag!x are done
>correctly, there won't have to be any Mag!x specific code at all.

Are all MiNT traps now guaranteed to never be used by future versions
of GEMDOS?  This is really what i'm concerned about.  I would hope
that the traps became official when Atari bought MiNT, but I'd like
direct confirmation of this before making widespread changes in the

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