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Re: include file problems

> >Another issue: future versions of Mag!X (the commercial multitasking
> >system from the NVDI authors) will support parts of the MiNT calls
> >(Fselect, Fxattr and so on). It would be very nice if the MiNT library
> >wouldn't check for the MiNT cookie. Instead it should rely on the return
> >code -32.
> >
> >*IF* I would start to change parts of the library, would this be
> >incorporated in the release, entropy?
> Only if Eric says that's legal (I don't think it is.)  Only if the
> changes come a few at a time instead of changing every file in one
> huge patch.  And only if we don't have to go out of our way to support
> ideosyncracies in Mag!x.

It should, because GEMDOS always has been documented to return -32
for unknown opcodes. And believe me -- I'm not going to change all
at once. Regardings the last point: if the library and Mag!x are done
correctly, there won't have to be any Mag!x specific code at all.

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