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Re: Various MiNT questions

> 2.  Sometimes when I log out (using the st52 term) the cursor disappears.  I
> need to run "jove" or some program  which plays with display.  I notice this
> behavior with Init.  Maybe the new version fixes this, or is the problem due
> to the screen driver?  Will there ever be a vt100 term driver for MiNT?
I'm not sure if this problem is machine specific. I have a Mega STe and never
experienced it. Anyway there is an escape sequence which turns your cursor back
If I'm not mistaken,

echo ^[e

will do the trick (where ^[ is the escape character (^V Esc)).
If you are looking for a vt100 driver, you might want to try my port of
One of the features is that it emulates a vt100.

> 3.  Has anyone gotten tcsh to use the DOS file structure, but not use the
> lame tcsh.csh files?  I would rather it use .cshrc, .login, .logout, and all
> that jazz AND be able to use the DOS filestructures.  Since root is the only
> user who can access non-minix partitions, then that right there limits who
> can have these resource files on TOS partitions.  If we are assumed smart
> enough to compile MiNT by ourselves and use MiNT-Net and get it running by
> ourselves, then surely we can make sure our .cshrc files do not sit on TOS
> partitions.
I simply made symbolic links from login.csh to .login, etc...

> 4.  Has anyone written a clear program to clear the screen.  An easy way
> be to print the clear character to the screen, but to make it work for any
> term driver I guess it would require curses.
If you decided to use screen, typing "Ctrl-A C" will clear your screen, no
what terminal you have.

> 5.  What exactly is sharable code?  I thought it ment that one copy of a
> program would be in memory instead of multiple copies.  That way, if all my
> users have tcsh as their shell, then only one copy is in memory.  However, I
> have noticed with tcsh that multiple copies run, and I quickly exaust
> I see this after I log in and type "PS" and see one tcsh running.  Then I
> rlogin or telnet to my machine again and type "PS" and now I see two tcsh,
> for each login and each taking about 300k of memory.
I think you're right about what shaable code is, but in order to be able to
memory, a program has to be compiled sharable. Obviously this has not been done
for tcsh. The most important problem in compiling programs sharable is that
_all_ references must stay within 32 kB. This finetuning can be a lot of work.
I would like a sharable version of tcsh too.