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Re: Various MiNT questions

troy wrote:

> Maybe I misunderstood the README file, but it souned like this to me:
> If you #undef DOSFS, then tcsh would use the dot files, but _it would not know
> how to access files on TOS partitions._  Leaving DOSFS defined _would_ allow
> access to TOS partitions, but as a side effect used an 8.3 scheme for resource
> files since you cannot use dot files on a TOS partitions.

Nope.  If you #undef DOSFS, `tcsh' just can't understand names like
"c:\foo.goo".  You could still access this file as "/c/foo.goo".

As I'm not a native speaker, I'd appreciate your comments on the
documentation I write, especially on where it is ambiguous.
Here's the relevant part from the README.ST:

        o   If you define DOSFS, tcsh's builtins will support DOS file
            names with drive specifications (like "a:") and backslashes
            (which have to be escaped, like "\\").  Also, tcsh will use
            DOS compatible names for its configuration files
            (`login.csh' instead of `.login', for instance; see above
            for a complete list of affected file names).

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