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Re: MiNTOS Release 1.4 now available.

> A real core dump would be fine, but MiNT's internal debug function can
> help a lot, too. But what I'm missing is the output to a file
> (console.ttp could do this, but with memory protection it crashes all
> the time, and debug level 2 or higher slows the machine down to zero).

Just a thought, but wouldn't this be solved if someone implemented the TIOCCONS
ioctl into MiNT? I believe it's a Sun specific ioctl which does this:

	  The argument is ignored.  All output  that  would  nor-
	  mally  be  sent  to  the  console (either from programs
	  writing to /dev/console or from  kernel  printouts)  is
	  redirected so that it is written to the pseudo-terminal

As you see, it's an ioctl for pty's. The output of the pty can be redirected to
a file.
If I'm right this ioctl is equivalent to the mint.cnf CON command, but only
know you are able to change it while you're working.
I would start working on this, if I wasn't going on vacation for three