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TT/Falcon SCSI device

To: mint@terminator.rs.itd.umich.edu

Hi there.

Remember I bothered you earlier on with a /dev/scsi device for the Falcon ?
Well, now I'm back - and this time also with a scsi driver for TT.

The package also includes a tape device which seems to work fine with
gnutar. I have tested it with a Tandberg streamer, WangDAT and an Exabyte
and it seems to work fine on all of them.

The package will be appearing on atari.archive in a couple of days as
ehscsi05.tgz - in source form. I'd rather see that people who knows how to
cope with compiling mint gets their hands on this first. There are plenty
of things that should (and will) be done to this stuff before it can be
released to the general public in binary form.


	Falcon: Both interrupt driven and polling driver.
	TT:	Only polling driver for now.
	Tapedevice: Uses /dev/scsi, so will run "in the background" if 
		a non-polling /dev/scsi is installed.
	CDrom device: Ditto.


	Harddisk device that uses /dev/scsi for transfers.
	Minixfs that uses ^ if it exists.
	TOSfs   ------   || ---------
	CDrom Filesystem that use the CDrom device.
	(Allready done, but this I will keep indoors for some time yet)

Would like:

	Hints on what ioctl()'s to use for different operations.
	Are there any standards that someone could send me ?
			Selecting block-size, rewinding, etc
			Sending commands
			Sending options (sleep time between commands, etc)
			Selecting block-size
			Audio commands, etc
	Someone to write a /dev/acsi device based on the above.
		(Hey - Julian, give me some hints on how to send SCSI
		commands > 31 over ACSI)

	Help with the interrupt driven TT device.
	Your views on device name policy:

		Should the ST/E have /dev/acsi or /dev/dma  ?
		(as it shares the same dma controller for both floppy/acsi)
		A device that copes with both floppy and acsi would be
		the ideal solution !

		Should the Falcon have /dev/dma or /dev/scsi ?
		(as this shares the same dma controller for both floppy/scsi)

		TT should of course have a /dev/scsi, 
		but also a /dev/dma or /dev/acsi based on the outcome of
		the above...

It shure will be nice to use AHDI only for booting mint from c:\, then
mint will completely take over control of the IO system.


	Does anybody know why the system completely locks up when the Atari
Laser is in use ? Can't it use DMA ?   
 ~ ATP/Unix 1.40 ~ This is my tagline.