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some MINTOS 1.4 diffs

 Hey you!

 I've finally tracked down why the `tostop' flag always was disabled
on a terminal where I've logged in with MiNTOS, say I was always
able to do some `ls &' which would not get stopped due to background
writing to the terminal. There're some strange parts in getty which
do not set up the terminal the way one would probably like it. I'm not
sure if that's really a bug or just again one of these BSD features :(
but here are some diffs which make at least me more happy...

 Also I'm quite suspicious about the `setchars()' call. I'm not sure
if this may be the source for the problem that ^d and ^u get mixed
up and things like these, but at least getty doesn't work worse without
this call.

Torsten Scherer (TeSche, Schiller...), itschere@techfak.uni-bielefeld.de
Faculty of Technology, University of Bielefeld, Germany, Europe, Earth...
| Use any of "finger itschere@" for adresses and more.	|

diff -ru3 mintos-1.4/usrsbin/getty/main.c mintos-1.4.tesche/usrsbin/getty/main.c
--- mintos-1.4/usrsbin/getty/main.c	Sun Mar 20 20:34:44 1994
+++ mintos-1.4.tesche/usrsbin/getty/main.c	Sun Oct  2 16:29:34 1994
@@ -224,8 +223,10 @@
 			tmode.sg_ospeed = speed(SP);
 		tmode.sg_flags = setflags(0);
 		ioctl(0, TIOCSETP, &tmode);
+#ifndef __MINT__
 		ioctl(0, TIOCSETC, &tc);
 		if (HC)
 			ioctl(0, TIOCHPCL, 0);
 		if (AB) {
@@ -264,7 +265,11 @@
 			if (!(upper || lower || digit))
+#ifdef __MINT__
+			allflags = setflags(2) | TOSTOP | XKEY;
 			allflags = setflags(2);
 			tmode.sg_flags = allflags & 0xffff;
 			allflags >>= 16;
 			if (crmod || NL)
@@ -285,7 +290,9 @@
 			 * this is what login was doing anyway.
 			 * soon we rewrite getty completely.
+#ifndef __MINT__
 			execle(LO, "login", "-p", name, (char *) 0, env);
 			syslog(LOG_ERR, "%s: %m", LO);