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Re: Slip

In article <9410211250.AA01692@gimpel.techfak.uni-bielefeld.de> you write:
>> > Also is it possible to run the connection at 38400?
>> > When I try to manually use stty to set /dev/ttyb to 38400 it says it
>> > isn't a valid setting.
>> Well, on modem2 it is possible, but not via the OS, but rather needs some
>> hacks... (ie directly calling Rsconf, I think).

 not with Rsconf but...
> Well, together with hsmodem4 I'm able to directly set 38k4 baud with
>stty, but I'm a bit unsure about what version of stty this is. I *think*
>it's the one from the modm0dev kit, but I can't check it now.

 well then everything that knows B38400 should, or calls ioctl
TIOC[IO]BAUD directly.  because TIOC[IO]BAUD (and a few more ioctls)
is passed on to whatever has installed a RSVF cookie for the tty's
BIOS dev# before MiNT loaded, like a hsmodem4 e?scc.prg. :)  (for
anyone who missed it, it was in one of the tty monster-patches...)

 btw what about adding B57600, B76800, B115200 too?  at least the GNU
shellutils stty would use them as well.  receiving full 115200 without
losing data probably needs a 852c30, sure...

 have fun