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Re: Slip

  > Urgs. I didn't have a look at the resolver code, but I think, it would
  > be a good idea to configure the resolver via /etc/host.conf. There you
  > usually can specify the order of /etc/hosts, DNS and NIS consulted to
  > resolve the hostnames. Have a look at the resolv+2.1.1 code.
  Where can I get it, is it part of BSD (Free* or Net*)?

You should be able to find it on uunet. Sorry I can't find my reference
right now, but I'd definitely go with resolv+ as well.
  > > Another problem are the modem2 and serial2 ports of the TT. The will *not
  > > work without hsmodem -- don't ask me why...
  > I'll swap the SLIP connection from the Sun to the FreeBSD box as soon
  > as I soldered a new nullmodem cable and then I want to use SLIP at
  > higher rates than 19200. The FreeBSD machine offers 57600 and 115200
  > Baud. Anyone ever tried SLIP with 115200 on a TT?
  Sorry, have no TT. But Howard Chu told me about a 56k link TT <-> ka9q.
I also tried 115200 with poor results, but I'm not sure yet if the problem
was the TT or the PC. I think the PC just has an 8250 ACIA instead of a
16550, so suffered buffer overruns at that speed. 56k worked OK though, using
HSmodem on the TT. (That was easier than figuring out what to poke into the SCC
to set the speed myself...)
  -- Howard