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Re: gcc-2.6.3

It may not that much of a question, but if we are discussing where to
put GCC and friends, I have another proposal: 

/usr/gnu	(all gcc binaries, includes and libraries)
/usr/bin/gcc	(symbolic link to /usr/gnu/bin/gcc)
/usr/include	(system/kernel stuff)
/usr/lib	(system/kernel stuff)

GCC is good at finding the stuff it needs with the prefix magic and we
get a clear separation between GCC and anything else (not that there
are that many C compilers around for the atari).

The main advantage to the above is that it lets configure organize
/usr/gnu in whatever fashion it desires, leaving the rest of the /usr
tree to normal conventions and personal preferences. One can also
consider whether to put all GNU utilities under /usr/gnu.

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