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Re: gcc-2.6.3

knarf@nasim.cube.net (Frank Bartels) writes:

|> Michael Plonus (michi@pluto.ping.de) wrote:
|>> I have uploaded my compilation of the gcc-2.6.3-mint sources to
|>> ftp.germany.eu.net

|> Hmm, just downloaded the stuff.

|> I don't think it's a good idea to put the system's standard compiler
|> under /usr/local. And as gcc is our default compiler, I vote for the
|> following (4.4BSD style) pathnames:

|> /usr/libexec/cpp
|> /usr/libexec/cc1
|> /usr/libexec/cc1plus

IMHO, these three are wrong, the compilers are version and target
dependent, they should go under /usr/libexec/$(target)/$(version)/...
The current scheme is $(prefix)/lib/gcc-lib/$(target)/$(version), but
i'm sure they will change that to the above with the next version, as
other GNU utilities are already using this.