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How do I get these things to work together.

I want to be able to mount my new 540Meg HD and my CDROM (Both residing on
my ST using MINT) so that I can access them ON my PC's via SLIP or PPP.

(Also Would like a login script of some sort that allows for a dynamically
assigned IP address e.g. it's different every time I log in and sent in the
format of: Your IP address is ###.###.##.#   when using slip, and have yet
to find a ppp package that will work with my provider's port of ppp.  (Have
tried a few on a Windoze/DOS box, and tried KA9q on both, but haven't quite
figured out the login procedures from within mint to use it's sockets.  )

I have a 520ST with 2.5Megs of Ram soon to be 4 megs.  I am using Crynware
Pakcet drivers on my PC, so if anyone has any experience with these and NFS
on the PC please email me.

Also, is there a precompiled version of the EHSCI package?   If I get things
working properly, I too will be putting together a Distribution Kit, for
people who don't want to know all the gorie details of setting it up.  The
ST needs some sort of plug and go INTERNET kit that won't need lots of
tweaking to get going...with options for NFS, Xwindows, Lynx, and other such
rot.  Am watching also for info on Mail in Mint.  

Is there a GCC tutorial I can nab someplace off the net?

(Also, is there some frontend that's like TurboC by Borland, that can be
used with GCC other than MicroEmacs...