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Re: gcc-2.6.3

"troy (t.) carpenter" <troyc@bnr.ca> wrote:

> I know I don't use Lattice C.  And I don't care if it avoids Atari's standard
> set, if Atari even has a "standard set" for MiNT configurations, as long as it
> simplifies configuration and things compile.
> I agree with Christian Lynbech's suggestion about putting things in /usr/gnu.

Off course you're free to put anything wherever you want it to be, but
/usr/gnu doesn't seem like a nice place. It's very different from the
rest of the world. I believe it might be easier to follow the mainstream,
and use /usr/libexec/OSTYPE/VERSION/.

> I have already done this with my binaries, but still had to put the includes
> and libs in /usr/include & /usr/lib, respectively.

Those are the usual locations under any Unix-like OS. BTW MiNT's ld
evaluates the env. var. GNULIB (like PATH), and adds those directories
to the default searchpath. So if you really prefer /usr/gnu, you could
set GNULIB accordingly.