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Re: Help - corrupted files on my minix partitions

In <2BA2E407C9D@fs1.ee.man.ac.uk>,
Xav (MBGE4MDC@fs1.ee.man.ac.uk) wrote:

>My question is, am I doing anything wrong? Yes, I know it's a bit of
>an open question, but particularly do I need to do anything before I
>switch off the computer. I already logout of all pty's and exit
>TOSWIN, but is there a "sync" or something similar that I should be
>using - if so, where can I find it?

Are you using NOHOG.ACC?
Without it, the update daemon might not get any cycles for long
periods of time, and might possibly _never_ write out critical
sectors (like inode sectors or the allocation bitmaps)!
(At least under SingleTOS - MTOS is supposedly better behaved...)

NOHOG.ACC was part of earlier MinixFS distributions, but was
missing in the 0.60pl11 release for some reason...

 Martin Koehling | mk@anuurn.do.open.de | Martin_Koehling@un.maus.ruhr.de