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Re: Help - corrupted files on my minix partitions

Christian Lynbech wrote:

> I do not know of a shutdown/halt/sync command, though I seem to
> remember that the problem has been discussed here on the list.

A basic system shutdown routine is implemented in the kernel. Never
turn off the power (or press the reset button) without running
shutdown, reboot or halt first.

> However, I once found out that certain programs ddo strange things to
> the minx partition. I can no longer remember which, but it was some
> GEM programs, and I usually runs exclusively at the tty, for various
> reasons. So you might want to go over the utilities you are using and
> checking whether it is specific programs that are in fact corrupting
> your disk. 

The easiest way out is to alter the IDs of the partitions carrying
non-GEMDOS filesystems, and make sure that the bootsectors of those
partititions are filled with zeroes. This prevents any access through
the regular BIOS interface (minix-fs supports XHDI).

> And I would also recommend sticking fsck into rc.local,

Fsck must be run from /etc/rc (or /etc/rc.boot if you have one), and
it must run before anything else (i.e. don't start any programs in