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mint & matgraph 1208

Hello terminator,

Neither in MiNT 1.12h2- nor in MiNT 1.12h3-Version a patch was considered,
which is essential, if graphic cards are used. At least it es necessary, if you
use the MatGraph TC1208-card. Without this patch the most of the alphanumeric
output will not redirected by REDIRECT.PRG of NVDI to the graphic card. This
concerns also the Login-Prompt of MiNTOS.
So you need this patch necessary if you want to work with MiNTOS.
To be exactly, without the patch the output of c_conws() goes beside of
existence of REDIRECT.PRG in the AUTO-folder to the VGA-interface. On the other
hand the output of Cconws() e.g. "MiNT is Now TOS..." goes to the monitor at
the graphic card.

I got a mail from Helmut Hahne @ MS with a patch by Juergen Orschiedt @ KA2.
I try to translate this mail:
I have also the Matrix card (TC1208) and of cause NVDI. The problem mentioned
by you is not a problem of the graphic card or the driver, but a problem of
MiNT. There is a missing test, whether there is a grafic card.

Here is the patch:
-----------cut here----------
scrnplace = (long)Physbase();
#if 1
*   Juergen Orschiedt @ KA2
*   For graphic cards
*   include in mem.c, line 272
#define v_bas_ad    (*(ulong*)0x44eL)   /* Added: jo */
    if ((long) v_bas_ad > scrnplace)    /* Added: jo */
        scrnplace = (long) v_bas_ad;    /* Added: jo */

    vscreen = (SCREEN *)((char *)lineA0() - 346);
    if (FalconVideo) {
     /* the Falcon can tell us the screen size */
         scrnsize = VgetSize(Vsetmode(-1));
    } else {
    /* otherwise, use the line A variables */
       scrnsize = (vscreen->maxy+1)*(long)vscreen->linelen;

---------cut here-----------
It would be very good, if this patch could be generelly included in the
MiNT-sources. Elsewhere I and the other owner of the Matrix card have to
include this patch in every new MiNT-version additionally.

   With best regards, Juergen