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I compiled XAnim for MiNT-X. It's now on my WWW page:
http://proffa.cc.tut.fi/~t150315/. On my 8Mhz STfm it's
quite slow though :). If I'll scale animations down to
160x100, the frame update is about 1/2hz. The bottleneck
seems to be Floyd-Steinberg dithering needed for converting
the each frame to monochrome. As the sources compiled with-
out changes, it would be nice if someone would take a look
at replacing FS with something faster (eg. ordered dithering).

Xanim can also be used for viewing IFF and GIF files and
it takes considerably less memory than XV (I wasn't able
to view anything with XV on 4MB).

There's also a new game called Golddig on my MiNT-X page.

	- Eero -