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Right, I need to set up X11 on two colour ST's. I don't want to do anything
serious with them (that would require too much memory). What I want to do
is to redirect X-output from another box to them. Basically making them
X-display workstations.

Now, I had a bit of a hack ag the basic X11 setup, and it took me a few minutes
to get anything working at all, but what did I get? Half a screen of mixed-
bitplane background. This looks suspiciously like a mono-only server.

This obviously isn't a lot of good to me, as is. Mono monitors (secondhand) cost
more than three times the price of a new colour monitor (*sigh*).

Is there a way of enabling colour? Is there a server available that will deal
with a colour monitor (I don't _care_ if it will only display monochrome, so
long as it _looks_ right)?