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Re: Programming for MiNT

On Sat, 13 Jul 1996 pross@soho.ios.com wrote:

> Is it better to make one's programs TOS programs at this point in time,
> being that we now have  X-Windows, W-Windows, XaAES, and OaSiS?  Is
> there a way to write a program so that it will utilize which ever
> windowing system the user chooses?  Can I right a TOS program that would

All the GEM clones, GEM, MultiGEM, MultiTOS, XaAES, oAESis, MagiC and I think
there are a few more ... hmm ... Geneva ...  uhh .. one more I think .. 
anyway .. all the GEM clones are more or less compatible.

X and W are both separate.

> talking to the window manager standardized between the different
> managers on Atari computers or does one have to write individual code to
> support the various GUI's?  

X, W, and GEM are all 3 different beasties, and require separate programs.
However, all the GEM versions are the same.

> I figure it is better to write TOS programs since some individuals may
> wish to run the program from a command line or script and pass

Depends on what you are writing!

> parameters to it.  I would just want it to look its best if ran from 
> GEM, X, W, Oasis, or XaAES.  BTW, is anyone working on porting Bowman to
> the Atari line?  This is the NeXTSTep style window manager.  This would 
> be nice for W since it doesn't utilize too much memory.  W is like the 
> window manager for Monochrome 4 meg Atari MiNT systems.  There are quite
> a few programs and utilities available for it, including Wetscape, a

I've never heard of Wetscape!  

> http://diamant.vsb.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de/~roemer/wetscape.html
> for Wetscape 

Thanks for the URL!

> Please support and further develop this program.  It is the only Atari
> specific web browser created for MiNT.  It currently only supports HTML

Are you sure it's Atari specific?  Does it work?  Anyone know where glue-stik
can be found?  It converts stik calls to mint-net socket calls.  Also Lynx
is available (I like Lynx, but it crashes often).   Still looking for 
good email/news package for MiNT via TCP/IP.