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I am looking for information on cross-compiling, for the atari, on either
a Linux (x86),or a Sun (Solaris and SunOS 4.x) box (preferably both :-)
I want to compile/port at least a few of my favorite unix programs to my
atari st, and be able to hack+recompile them. But that doesn't work on
TOS1.0, 2.5 Mb machine, with only 30Mb HD :P So i want to use my pc at
work, or one of the suns that don't get used at night or in the weekends

I talked to a friend, who said it should certainly be possible, if you had
a whole set of includes, libraries and binutils, and knew exactly how the
set it up :) But i don't, unfortunately, so i am looking for some helpful
stuff -- a complete setup, or a few manual pages, or only a few hints.
Someone with a lot of experience with it would be nice, but it would also
take all the fun out of it ;-)

Thanx in advance,