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Re: FPU probs... (fwd)


On Fri, Oct 09, 1998 at 12:27:02PM -0700, MGrove wrote:
> Cool. I took a little long lunch today and removed Tos2Win.
> That was the problem:). FPU apps and CAB work fine with a 64Mhz
> FPU clock and Nemesis at 42Mhz on the Mighty Sonic and NOVA
> running MiNT and NAES.

I found out this weekend that running NVDI before MiNT also cures the
problems I had on the Milan. I don't know what the recommended
execution order is, but at least that did the trick for me.

> Thing has the option to use TOS2GEM. Is that a safe bet or
> is there another alternative to Tos2Win until something is
> resolved? I was using V2.2 I think.

Using TOS2GEM isn't really a good alternative, as it doesn't allow
multitasking while TOS programs are run. It's mainly intented for use
with SingleTOS, but also runs with MiNT/MagiC. Its only advantage over
TOSWIN/VT52 is that programs which simply print out some lines and are
finished immediately will run quicker in a TOS2GEM window, as the
overhead for running the TOS handler program isn't needed then.



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