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Re: FPU probs... (fwd)

Cool. I took a little long lunch today and removed Tos2Win.
That was the problem:). FPU apps and CAB work fine with a 64Mhz
FPU clock and Nemesis at 42Mhz on the Mighty Sonic and NOVA
running MiNT and NAES.

Thing has the option to use TOS2GEM. Is that a safe bet or
is there another alternative to Tos2Win until something is
resolved? I was using V2.2 I think.

Thanks for the help,


>I didn't mention the "coprocessor protocol violation-fatal
>error-you will have to reboot" error under CAB, but the error
>occurs on my Falcon also. Last night I removed the external
>FPU clock (no clock at all) and CAB worked fine. I disabled
>NVDI at one time, but the error still occured. I will try disabling
>TOSWin and replace the FPU clock. I installed a NOVA Mach 64 on
>the Mighty Sonic last night, so I know at least the NVDI screen drivers
>are not the problem. Before installing the NOVA, I tried a couple of
>verions of NVDI as well as MiNT without change. Hopefully removing
>TosWin will solve the problem. It's kind of hard to run fast ram
>on the Falcon without NVDI :+(.
>Has anyone had problems with TosWin when using the Apex viewers.
>Usually after viewing a few images, TosWin cannot be exited and 
>causes a bus error under MiNT.
>Jo Even Skarstein wrote:
>> Hi!
>> It appears to be some problems with the FPU, TosWin, MiNT and NVDI,
>> although I've never experienced such problems myself...
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>> Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 12:00:34 +0200
>> From: Thomas Binder <gryf@HRzpUB.tu-darmstadt.DE>
>> To: Mint Mailing List <mint@atari.archive.umich.edu>
>> Subject: Re: FPU probs...
>> Hi!
>> >   Once last night, while running CAB v2.5 (of all things!) I got an error
>> >   message that went something like this:
>> >
>> >   "coprocessor protocol violation-fatal error-you will have to reboot"
>> I've experienced the same message on my Milan when running KGMD's tcsh
>> in a TOSWIN2-window. I tracked it down to being a problem of TOSWIN2 in
>> connection with NVDI. As soon as I disable NVDI, everything works
>> without problems. Strange thing, but I remember having had problems with
>> earlier TOSWIN-versions and NVDI, too ...
>> So, maybe your problem is caused by a similar problem, though you didn't
>> mention TOSWIN2.
>> Ciao
>> Thomas
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