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FreeMiNT 1.15.0

Hello all!

Here is the official FreeMiNT 1.15.0 release

Thank to all who've helped me and who've helped the FreeMiNT project.

freemint-1.15.0-bin.tar.gz - 650 kb - binary distribution
- include kernel for 68000, 68030 and Milan
- include all relevant tools (MiNT-Setter, FSetter, mkfatfs)
- include complete documentation

freemint-1.15.0.tar.gz - 650  kb - source distribution
- include the complete source of the kernel
- include the source of the tools (if available)
- include complete documentation
- include manuals

Please read the Readme.1st!

uploaded to:



New in FreeMiNT 1.15.0 (short list):

- integrated FAT/VFAT/FAT32 filesystem
  - read TOS & DOS partitions of any size;
    support FAT32 partitions larger than 2 GB
  - very fast
  - support the VFAT extension for easy data exchange
  - mostly configurable at runtime
- integrated block cache
  - efficient memory optimising LRU algorithm
  - supported from MinixFS 0.70 and NEWFATFS
  - features write back mode with drive granularity
    and runtime configuration
- high resolution timer
  - 26 microseconds granularity
  - timezone support
- improved Ssystem (see Ssystem documentation)
  (timezone support, sync time and a lot of other things)
- improved SecureLevel support
  (XBIOS is now protected from user calls)
- Milan patches (extra kernel)
- ESCC patches (extra kernel)
- complete 060 patches
- internal speed optimizations
- many minor patches

- new configuration keywords for MiNT.CNF:

NEWFATFS=<comma separated drive list>
# enable NEWFATFS for specified drives

VFAT=<comma separated drive list>
# enable VFAT extension
# used by NEWFATFS

WB_ENABLE=<comma separated drive list>
# enable write back cache for specified drives
# used by NEWFATFS and MinixFS 0.70

CACHE=<size in kb>
# increase filesystem cache
# used by NEWFATFS and MinixFS 0.70

# remove drive B: from drive list

- completly resorted source
- global headerfiles
- a lot of new header files for better programmer support

Take a look on Changes.MH for a detailed technical description
of all changes.

Refer to ssystem.doc, block_IO.doc, fatfs.doc, the included examples
and the source distribution for details and exact descriptions.

Changes were contributed by the following people (alphabetical order):
  - Thomas Binder <gryf@hrzpub.tu-darmstadt.de>
  - Katherine L. Ellis <kellis@primenet.com>
  - Christian Felsch <felsch@tu-harburg.de>
  - Guido Flohr <gufl0000@stud.uni-sb.de>
  - Konrad M. Kokoszkiewicz <draco@mi.com.pl>
  - Mikko Larjava <mitala@nic.funet.fi>, 68060 cache patch (once more)
  - Daniel Petersson <tam@dataphone.se>
  - Julian F. Reschke <fjr010@email.mot.com>
  - Rainer Seitel <Rainer_Seitel@ka.maus.de>

Frank Naumann <fnaumann@cs.uni-magdeburg.de>
Magdeburg, den 8.10.1998



Internet: fnaumann@cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Mausnet:  Frank Naumann @ L2