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Re: One last swing


> In the upcoming week I will compile a release of MiNTlib PL49 on
> the basis of the existing patches on my ftp site, plus one small
> patch to localtime.c by Helmut Karlowski.  If you have
> patches to contribute send them to me ASAP.  
> This will be my last act as MiNTlib custodian.  Other
> commitments will demand too much of my time for the foreseable
> future.  And by the way, my health is much better now.
> There is still the unresolved matter of code that was
> contributed by Guido Flohr, but needs some work in order to be
> integrated into the lib.  This would be a useful project because
> it would make several key functions of the library compliant
> with the latest and greatest MiNT kernel.  Any interest?

The MiNT Library is rather important part of MiNT world. Pity that you're
leaving it alone. Anyways, thanks for all the work you have done on it.


PS. of course, there's interest... :)

Konrad M.Kokoszkiewicz
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