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Updating Library?

I've got KEMD installed on my Falcon and wish to update the libraries
and such to the latest version.  I've downloaded pl48 mint library 
binaries and includes but have no clue exactly what to do with them.
Should I just place it all in /usr/lib and /usr/include respectively? 
Or must I tweak something to let the system know about the updates?
Will that be all I need for the update?

I notice there aren't many objects in the pl48 archive.  Is this 
simply new ones to add or replace others in /usr/bin with?  If this 
is so...would I be correct in assumeing I need to go back and install 
each pl in order?

Really, I'm lost here, and presently just wish to get gnu installed 
and properly updated to begin educating myself in Unix.  There are 
also some things I've tried to compile before that 'almost' compile 
with only one or two gripes showing up...that 'maybe' a later pl will
take care of.