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Re: FPU probs... (fwd)

I didn't mention the "coprocessor protocol violation-fatal
error-you will have to reboot" error under CAB, but the error
occurs on my Falcon also. Last night I removed the external
FPU clock (no clock at all) and CAB worked fine. I disabled
NVDI at one time, but the error still occured. I will try disabling
TOSWin and replace the FPU clock. I installed a NOVA Mach 64 on
the Mighty Sonic last night, so I know at least the NVDI screen drivers
are not the problem. Before installing the NOVA, I tried a couple of
verions of NVDI as well as MiNT without change. Hopefully removing
TosWin will solve the problem. It's kind of hard to run fast ram
on the Falcon without NVDI :+(.

Has anyone had problems with TosWin when using the Apex viewers.
Usually after viewing a few images, TosWin cannot be exited and 
causes a bus error under MiNT.


Jo Even Skarstein wrote:
> Hi!
> It appears to be some problems with the FPU, TosWin, MiNT and NVDI,
> although I've never experienced such problems myself...
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> Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 12:00:34 +0200
> From: Thomas Binder <gryf@HRzpUB.tu-darmstadt.DE>
> To: Mint Mailing List <mint@atari.archive.umich.edu>
> Subject: Re: FPU probs...
> Hi!
> >   Once last night, while running CAB v2.5 (of all things!) I got an error
> >   message that went something like this:
> >
> >   "coprocessor protocol violation-fatal error-you will have to reboot"
> I've experienced the same message on my Milan when running KGMD's tcsh
> in a TOSWIN2-window. I tracked it down to being a problem of TOSWIN2 in
> connection with NVDI. As soon as I disable NVDI, everything works
> without problems. Strange thing, but I remember having had problems with
> earlier TOSWIN-versions and NVDI, too ...
> So, maybe your problem is caused by a similar problem, though you didn't
> mention TOSWIN2.
> Ciao
> Thomas
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