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Re: FPU probs...

>   Okay, I just thought I'd follow up on the FPU thread. I just installed
>   Mint on my Nemesized Falcon 030/14 megs/TOS 4.04/DeskTopper/33mhz 68882.
>   I'm running the latest Nemesis (25/50mhz), and I'm using Freemint v1.15
>   Beta 3.0...
>   Once last night, while running CAB v2.5 (of all things!) I got an error
>   message that went something like this:
>   "coprocessor protocol violation-fatal error-you will have to reboot"
>   Boy, I did too...it was locked up solid. Well, I could move the mouse,
>   but there was no response to mouse clicks or keypresses.
>   Is there a (non-hardware) cure for this? Thanks.

Most probably the coprocessor doesn't work very well, thus problems.
There is no software cure for problems with overclocked hardware.
Overclocking is at your own risk. You took the risk, you have a problem.


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