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Re: NEWFATFS and drive permissions

Martin-Eric Racine wrote:
> On Tue, 13 Oct 1998, Ralph Lowinski wrote:
> > If I enable NEWFATFS and VFAT for a partition 'e' ('BGM'/256k) the
> > permissions for '/e' (or 'u:\e') are 'rwxrwx---' and owner is 'root'.
> > That's ok, but how to change this to make this drive accessible for
> > everyone?
> Just a thought, but is your UMASK value symetric to this result?
> It might explain why you get this permission value, if you have
> set a corresponding UMASK in your MiNT.CNF environment.

But how to do? I tried 'UNASK=000' and got a message about unknown
command from MiNT. Then I tried 'setenv UMASK 000' before the NEWFATFS
command but nothing happend. But i've heard that this feature isn't
implemented in the newfs yet.