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Re: [MiNT] Re: fatal error handling

Hi Martin!

> > Could I know why? 
> > Why do you consider slow, old and limited TOSFS better than NEWFAT?
> Safer is the word.   Frank still finds bugs in it here and then.

The GEMDOS filesystem doesn't have bugs?

> > And what will you do when the TOSFS will go away?
> It should _never_ go away.  TOSFS is the compatibility FS.

But this limit kernel development (background DMA never possible).

> BTW, whatever happened to those floppy handling bugs in NEWFAT
> and Minix 0.70.6 filesystems??  Did Frank ever fix them?  

Floppy bug already fixed (since 1.15.1 beta 0.3).

> What about hacking Minit so that it only offers options that are
> recognized by this new barebones Minix.XFS (ie: eliminate V1 and
> therefore always create V2 filesystems)?

A rewritten version of minit is also ready.


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