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Re: [MiNT] Long filenames (was: Pine hanging)

Hi Guido!

> > Yes. MinixFS fill out the buffer with the filename. If the buffer is to
> > small it returns ENAMETOOLONG.
> Surprise, surprise, I somehow expected that... ;-)
> But I was actually more interested in the maximum length the filesystem
> will handle. Is it the length that you specified when creating the
> filesystem with minit or is there a bug? 


> Why does "ls" work with
> these extra-long filenames and why does "ls *" not work?

Bug in MiNT-Lib?

> If I understood the sources of the MiNTLib correctly, if you
> compiled your MiNTLib with "#define __MINT__" it should pass
> a buffer of 128 bytes length.

A much better method is to call Dpathconf() to determine the maximum file 
name length and dynamically alloc the buffer. Can you patch this?


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