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Re: [MiNT] Re: fatal error handling

> > Could I know why? 
> > Why do you consider slow, old and limited TOSFS better than NEWFAT?
> Safer is the word.   Frank still finds bugs in it here and then.

The point is that nobody fixes bugs in the TOSFS. Okay, NEWFAT perhaps has
some smaller bugs, but please mention a program that has not...
> > And what will you do when the TOSFS will go away?
> It should _never_ go away.  TOSFS is the compatibility FS.

It _will_ go away. The TOSFS makes MiNT GEMDOS not reentrant (because
itself isn't reentrant), so once NEWFAT will become completely
problemless, the MiNT structure will be chenged for GEMDOS reentrancy and
that will most probably make a return to TOSFS impossible.
> BTW, whatever happened to those floppy handling bugs in NEWFAT
> and Minix 0.70.6 filesystems??  Did Frank ever fix them?  

I think Minix FS just doesn't handle Minix V1 filesystem. A floppy with V2 
FS will probably work fine (well, I didn't test).
> What about hacking Minit so that it only offers options that are
> recognized by this new barebones Minix.XFS (ie: eliminate V1 and
> therefore always create V2 filesystems)?

Good idea.

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