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Re: [MiNT] MiNT termination

> > Yes, you can't regain control on the machine if init terminates while
> > you're working remotely.
> > 
> Now I'm Curious. 
> I thought if init terminated, your shell, ash,csh or whatever would
> not be able to function. Could you restart init from remote or even 
> from the main console if this happened. And what would be the condition
> of memory. Would all the processes you had running not still be in 
> memory. Then when you reinstalled init, would it not try to reinstall
> all the processes again that are specified in rc scripts.

No, when init terminates, it gets control back to the point where it was
started from. I.e. to the MiNT kernel. Then MiNT "continues", doing yet
some small stuff, then calls Pterm().

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