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[MiNT] SLIRP or IP masquerading or WWW proxy under MiNT?

My TT connects to the internet via a dialup connection, but it would be
quite handy to be able to connect my PC to the internet as well.
Unfortunately my internet service provider only offers one IP address.

Therefore I obtained SLIRP and tried compiling it under MiNT, but
unfortunately it didn't work too well. And what's more I am unfamiliar
with TCP/IP and SLIP and therefore I was unable to determine the cause of
the problem or to correct it. So that was that. (SLIRP is a program which
allows another computer to connect to the internet without needing a
unique IP address.)

The other option would be if MiNTNet supported the "IP masquerading"
feature that I hear is implemented in Linux, which does basically the same
thing as SLIRP except at the kernel level. Again, I don't have the
knowledge to implement this in MiNTNet.

Or another solution which would work, although it would not be as good as
either of the first two, would be a WWW proxy server that I can run on my
TT and access form the PC. So has anyone got binaries for a WWW proxy
server working under MiNT, or recommendations for a simple and compact one
that I can compile under MiNT? I don't want some huge complicated
installation, just something simple that lets me access WWW pages from
another computer on the network. Preferably one that doesn't need an
in depth knowledge of TCP/IP in order to make it work.

I would be pleased to hear your comments on the above. If someone wanted
to take on one of the first two ideas (making SLIRP work or implementing
that IP masquerading in MiNTNet) then I would be doubly pleased!

BTW, I am confused (as I suspect a lot of people are) about the state of
the MiNT mailing list. Am I supposed to send messages to
mint@atari.archive.umich.edu or that new address mint@fishpool.com or what
ever it was?

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