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Re: [MiNT] MiNT termination (corecting myself)

> > Thus, if the system after init termination wouldn't go to TOS, but
> > rebooted instead, you being in remote may hope that all the MiNT
> > environment with network drivers and software will automatically come up
> > after a while.
> The only question I have left is, if when you run shutdown or Halt or
> whatever method you chose to shut the system down, if it kills all 
> childs including init and the system would automatically reboot, how
> would you ever be able to turn your system off. It keeps rebooting.

Shutdown(0) reboots. Shutdown(1) halts. Nothing related. My proposal is
realated to the situation when the Shutdown() isn't called, but init
program terminated (what currently leads MiNT to TOS, which IMHO doesn't
make any sense).

Neither do hacks like putting additional programs to the autofolder;
programs intelligent enough (Cookie Jar) to know if they're started under
MiNT or not. This is overkill, despite the fact, that (I mentioned, Frank
recalled) if MiNT crashes while restorin TOS settings, no autofolder
action will be taken.

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