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Re: [MiNT] SLIRP or IP masquerading or WWW proxy under MiNT?

On Sat, 19 Dec 1998, Mario Becroft wrote:

> Or another solution which would work, although it would not be as good as
> either of the first two, would be a WWW proxy server that I can run on my
> TT and access form the PC. So has anyone got binaries for a WWW proxy
> server working under MiNT, or recommendations for a simple and compact one
> that I can compile under MiNT? I don't want some huge complicated
> installation, just something simple that lets me access WWW pages from
> another computer on the network. Preferably one that doesn't need an
> in depth knowledge of TCP/IP in order to make it work.

Apache has a proxyserver, I downloaded the latest port from
ftp.funet.fi a couple of months ago and installed it on my Falcon. I
can now use CAB from my TT (which is connected to the Falcon with
PLIP) by using the proxyserver. Setting up apache is dead simple, but
since it must download entire files before it pass them to CAB on the
TT it's not as smooth as browsing directly from the Falcon. IP
masquerading is definitely welcome! :-)

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