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[MiNT] Memory protection


First, a quick confirmation, just to make sure my brain is in gear:

Mint only uses the MMU on the 030, correct?  I'm saying this because
of the "#ifndef" in getmch() and the Makefile "-DCPU_TEST".

Second, anyone adverse to having three levels of memory protection?
1) (current) None - current "mintnp.prg".
2) (new) Pagination - Uses unprotected pages.  Prevents memory leaks
            by using pages, but provides no memory protection on those pages.
            This would be supported on 020s - 060s.
3)  (current) Full protection, as is today.  With expansion into the 040
    and 060s (someone'll have to test the 060 stuff, at least until
    I get one :).

Note that #2 & #3 could be set up on a per process level.  And, of course,
going back to #1 would require a re-boot.

Finally, anyone have a recent memory map, especially of the 040s and 060s?
I know that Petr will be able to help out on the Afterburner (which I'm
also running - I don't want to end up dumping out the registers and tables
for fun), and I believe the Hades is just a souped up TT with a 
slightly modified TOS 3.06, but that still leaves the Milan.


Michael White (michael@fastlane.net)