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Re: [MiNT] uname - was sending diffs to Apache ...

> I'd vote for using m68k-atari-mint (perhaps followed by the release
> number) as the canonical system name.  How that is extracted from uname
> output is only a minor point.

Sounds good.

However, please read the caveat in GNU uname --help. Basically, Linux
approach is the one that deviates from the rest of the pack, for this.

CAVEAT:  Release reports what Linux users have traditionally
called the Version, and version reports build information.
$ uname -a
Linux hal 2.0.32 #1 Thu Dec 11 20:42:01 EET 1997 i486 unknown
$ uname -m
$ uname -r
$ uname -s
$ uname -p
$ uname -v
#1 Thu Dec 11 20:42:01 EET 1997

Basically, i486 really is a CPU model and should be the answer to
-p option.  

One approach that would work for MiNT:

-m  m68k
-p  68000 or 68020 or 68030 or 68040 or .....
-r  MiNT version
-s  MiNT
-v  TOS version

This way, -machine and -processor return more logical values, which
could be used as switches to compile proper ST, TT/Falcon or 020/040
binaries, in Makefile and Configure scripts.

Does this one make sense for everyone, finally?

PS:  Atari Corp. is gone, so is the copyright on MiNT still an issue?
     Can't we just finally use the more generic "MiNT" instead of
     "Fresh/Free/Friggin/FryingMiNT" ??

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