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[MiNT] Re: your mail

09.02.99 thomas.goirand@easynet.fr viestitti;

> On Mon, 8 Feb 1999 05:04:33 +0000, kellis wrote:
> > Remember, many of us. (at least me) haven't install 
> >linux because of =NO> FPU. 
> I've tried to compile kernels here, and it works. But I don't
> haveany video... My monitor switch down ! Any idears ? 

If you tried to compile 2.1.120 -> kernel you need to enable
stram-swap in config, even if you don't have fast-ram installed in
your machine. Then you must add line;


in your bootargs file.
> (I know we
> are onthe MiNT mailling list, but where could I ask such question
> exept here =?)

There is Linux-m68k oriented list also 

or newsgroup; comp.os.linux.m68k

You can find more information about those from:


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