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[MiNT] MiNTLib

Hi all!

It looks like the MiNTlib maintainance has moved from Frank to me.
Please send your bug reports or patches to me, not to him.

Could you give me a break of a week before starting?  I need to
arrange things and I've changed a lot of code.  I think that
I will be able to present a (non-stable and source-only) version
within the next three weeks for evaluation.

I have given up the 8+3 restriction for source file names.  Does
anybody mind?  The modules compiled from libgcc1.c and libgcc2.c
will already produce object files which won't fit into the 8+3
scheme; then we can just as well use long descriptive names for
other files because you won't be able to build the MiNTLib on
8+3 filesystems, anyway.



	Thinker toys.