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Re: [MiNT] Bug report

Hello Erik,

on Thu 10-12-98 22:10 you wrote:

>Freemint 1.15.1 beta 0.9 is not able to boot on my Hades 060
>It crash when N.AES loads and it is saying some thing about 
>Pid 1 (kfree xxx)
>Then the screen got corrupt so thats why i cant give you any more info
>but i hope this small info can help.
I'm always using the latest kernel on my Hades 060. (now beta 0.9) so far 
I didn't encounter any major boot problems.

I did have one small prob when I started using beta 0.8. For some reason 
when I booted up in  64k color mode the Thing desktop couln't find its 
thing.key so I always ended up with an unregistrated desktop.

It turned out that it had something to do with the boot order of my 
auto prg's. I can't recall me the right order but I only changed the start 
order of Clocky 2.37 and my prob was gone.
Now with the 0.9 kernel I tried to recreat the prob but so far everything 
goes well. So maybe this bug(?) has beeen fixed now.

I also had to delete *menuinfo v2.42*. When this prog was in memory I 
couldn't start the database Phoenix 5. I got always a screen full of 
warnings something like "Kfree....., not memory enough?" when Phoenix tried 
to load the database. I've 128 MB RAM so "out of memory: is out of the 
question I guess. Strange enough this only appeared when I used Phoenix in 
64k colormode.
Now with the 0.9 kernel this seems to be solved too.

One problem still left but this has probably nothing to do with the MiNt 
For some reason aMail v1.05b doesn't play any sound anymore.

I also notice that with the 0.9 kernel I get a message during boottime 
saying: ...Keyword, NEWFATFS, not supported yet, shipping 


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