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Re: [MiNT] Back again

Hi Guido,
> Sorry, I haven't answered my mails for quite some time.  I have 
> hardware problems (see below).  I tried to notify you here but
> I made a type in the address, so the mail never arrived. :-(
> Maybe somebody can help me with my hardware problem:
> My internal harddisk is rapidly dying, every time I switch on my
> TT it loses another dozen of sectors.  I bought a Quantum Fireball
> 1080S as a replacement but I can't get it to work.  The Adaptec
> SCSI controller in an Intel box detects the harddisk, I have even
> formatted it with verify.
> On the TT I have tried a plethoria of different harddisk drivers,
> tried out every possible combination for the jumper settings as
> internal and external drive, with and without termination.  Result:
> None of the drivers has even detected it.
> The disk has only five jumpers:
> 	PK
> 	TE
> 	A0
> 	A1
> 	A2
> A0-A2 are ok, the ID, what are the other two for?  Anyway, as I have
> mentioned above, I've tried out all settings and none did work.
> Any ideas?  If the Quantum Fireball simply doesn't work with the TT
> I will resell it.  But which types will work with the TT SCSI controller?
well, the two other jumpers are Termination Enable and Parity Enable
(should be PE and not PK). The problem with newer drives is that they
will do an initiator identification wich the Atari TOS does not support.
There may be patches around for the TOS to get these disks to work...
If you don't use such a drive as boot disk it will work fine with a
modern hd driver like HDDriver.