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[MiNT] mintnet, pppd, pap broken?

Is it jst me or pap auth is broken on MiNTnet?
as in:

Normally it should be:

kellis * my_password

where they are spaces separated only.
The * for the secret remote name. 

But, here, it only seems to work with the odd:


That's all. really weird.
Anyone with more info about that?

I have managed to make a script in order to get talkd to work from the
outside fine.
hostname needed to be set to the dynamic ip, or name form.

Is this normal?

Any NET specialist here?

MiNT kernal is going so strong, I wonder what's going on about the net

(will soon work on a netcfg in GEM (a mix from kppp, gnome-ppp, netcfg
linux) unless someone has already started sch a project?
Or already available maybe?

MiNT Is Now TOS, let's move on, shall we?  /