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Re: [MiNT] kernal problem!

Hi Ronald!

>   Now, here is the problem. I use Extendos Pro Gold, and I can no
>   longer access any data CD in my Yamaha CDRW4416S. CD-Player by
>   Alexander Clauss finds audio CD's just fine and plays them. I
>   can put in "Bird of Prey", "All Things Falcon" or any other data
>   CD, and Thing blows up an error dialog "TOS error 46" (something
>   about not being able to access device) Switch the kernel back to
>   the 1.15.0 (alpha) version, and I can read data CD's once again.
>   Any one have any ideas or have the same problem?

Is there a demo of Extendos available?

Error 46 means: invalid drive specification


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