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Re: [MiNT] _major_ filesystem bug

Hi Mario,

try the experiment I've outlined in another post:

Run ST-ZIP and try to archive something from a Minix partition or U:
drive.  Notice that neither ST-ZIP's right-side fileselector, nor the
archived files, have retained the original case.

Try the same experiment from FNramFS or a VFAT partition.  Notice that
both ST-ZIP and the archived files retain the original case here.

_That_ is what I consider a serious bug on U: and MinixFS.

Since it works from FNram or VFAT, then obviously ST-ZIP (and the zip
archive format) is not broken, but MinixFs and U: drive are obviously
missing something thta prevents ST-ZIP from seeing the filenames' case.

You see the picture now? ;-)

> > OK, so, can we make MinixFS and U: case-preserving then?
> > It would seem more usefull than just case-sensitive.
> Maybe I'm just failing to grasp what you're talking about, but in my
> experience the minix filesystem has always been case preserving (and
> case-sensitive).

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