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[MiNT] regex

On Sat, 20 Feb 1999, Jan Paul Schmidt wrote:

> > rx (previously known as regex)
> Well, it is a completly new written regular expression library and not
> just renamed. I think it would be wiser, to update the regular
> expression stuff in the MiNTLib instead of providing a additional
> library. That's what I did and as I can remember, Guido also patched his
> MiNTLib version on this subject. Maybe this stuff will make it into the
> MiNTLib, altough it is all GPL or LGPL. Every new libc has a decent
> regular expression implementation.

Except gerex is already a standard lib that several GNU things request
when compiling.  I'm just wondering if we should integrate it into the
MINTLIB (along with PORTLIB)?

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