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Re: [MiNT] Bug report

> > I also noticed a strange thing: With this kernel, zControl will crash
> > while loading the modules. 

The same thing has been happening to me a _lot_ lately, using Xcontrol
1.31 and N.AES 1.1.0 with Thing (either 1.09 or 1.27 - same problem).
Xcontrol often crashes the AES or even the whole system with it, when 
that happens.

To answer an obvious question, yes, I _have_ tried re-installing binaries
from scratch, but it doesn't help.

I also notice that since Minix 70.7, the whole hard-drive is often locked
in mid-write, when copying large files.  This results in _all_ hardware
being locked also, while the system waits for hardware control to be
returned (eg: serial ports are halted and packets losts, enormous lag,
etc.) after the disk write is resumed.

> > If I re-enable old TOSFS, this problem disappears - even if I then
> > enable FATFS manually for drive C - very nasty ...

I remember someone from this list (Julian?) stating over c.s.a.st
that the mere presence of TOSFS itself is not hindering anything
and that re-entrancy is possible when using another FS to access
the desired drive (in other words, leave it in for compatibility
- that doesn't mean you _have_ to use it).

(Boy am I glad I didn't try any of the 1.15.1 betas yet....)

> All kernels I lastly use (since 0.6 or something) are compiled without
> TOSFS (because the first thing I do getting new source is undef OLDTOSFS
> in mint.h, then recompile the kernel). No problems noticed with CAB
> hotlist or control panels (XControl 1.31) until now, though I admit I
> still have beta 8.

Please let us know if it's any difference when you try 0.9, since
this might be where the problem comes from.

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